Work on climate change presented in Porto


The 5th launch of the book “Climate Chance! A legal-economic reflection of the carbon market in the fight against climate change”, published by Publindustria, at NorteShopping’s Fnac.

The work was presented by Carlos Pimenta and Eduardo de Oliveira Fernandes and was born from the idea that decarbonizing is the watchword.

It is a new economy that is being talked about and a multitude of jobs linked to energy efficiency, innovative technologies and natural resources. Because Portugal, due to its natural wealth, has a huge field of opportunities that must be taken advantage of.

Following are the videos of the interventions by João Quintela Cavaleiro, Engº Carlos Pimenta and Professor Oliveira Fernandes.

To see the event report please click here.

More information about the book can also be consulted at the Portuguese Association of Engineering and Environment, at the Advocatus website and at the Eculture.

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