Business Law & Deals

Empresas e Negócios

Companies and Businesses are at the centre of our attention.


Our geographical positioning, with 4 offices located in the North and Centre of the country, to support business and industrial leaders in the most entrepreneurial areas of Portugal.


Buying and selling companies, whether family-owned, medium-sized or large companies that are leaders in their sectors, in areas as varied as real estate, construction, energy, waste, agri-industry, health, viticulture, infrastructures, services, IT, etc.


Advice on mergers, acquisitions and restructuring of economic groups.


Construction of sound legal solutions aimed at safeguarding corporate and personal assets.

Our approach


With professional legal support, Clients can be fully focused on buying or selling their company, structuring their organisation, expanding their activity, focused only on doing the best deal.


With Security, helping you achieve your goals, dealing with all contractual documentation, checking legal rules, interactions with Authorities and Regulatory Entities are in our charge.


Tranquility, Focus on helping you make the best deal possible and move forward with your life, always in secret, because it is the soul of the Business.


With Focus, saving you Time and Energy. Today’s challenges and dangers demand to have professional help at our side, with protection, up to date with the best.


Our goal is for our Clients to thrive. This has been the case in the many challenges we have faced and we are proud to see the success they have achieved.


This is how trusting relationships are built!

‘They are excellent in terms of professional, personal, availability. They present solutions that are perfectly suited to our needs. The innovation of being a de facto legal boutique makes a difference from what exists in the market.’


‘Flexibility, availability, and efficiency.’


‘It is a firm with the experience and maturity necessary for the excellent performance that has characterized them.

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