Society's values
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Clients are always first
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Our purpose is to understand thoroughly the problems of our Clients in order to know how to help overcome their difficulties and obstacles. To know and understand their sectors, their businesses, their professional and personal activities… To understand their lives and needs. We are committed to find solutions, and we consider it is our duty to help you in doing so.

Commitment to Excellence and Integrity
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The nature of our work makes it our duty to achieve excellence in all we do. We comply with the highest ethical standards and we always try to act with integrity. Ongoing training and diverse experience, in order to build and achieve creative legal solutions, always keeping our minds in the purposes we want to achieve.

Commitment to the People
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In order for our Clients to achieve the best results, our Lawyers and our Staff always work relentlessly. That is why we want them to always be happy. A team whose smooth and hard work is not always seen, but that always gives their best in order to overcome the challenges that our trusted Clients bring us.

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We respect our vendors and partnerships1. Our staff is involved with voluntary work2, pro bono work and patronage3 to give back to society and the ones in need. As Humanists, we will always strive for Justice and the Law.

  1. We belong to a National Compromise for good payments –
  2. We support Patronato Nossa Senhora da Conceição (IPSS) and their children in Douro.
  3. We collaborate with an Association of Leaders and Managers ACEGE
International Experience
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Regardless of our international experiences or the various locations where we work, it is always our Values of Respect, Trust and Commitment that make us different. We feel honoured by this mission of being a Lawyer. We simply love what we do.

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