Private Clients & Wealth

Private Clients & Wealth

Our positioning has always been to be close to People, which is why we seek to broaden the geography of our 4 offices so that we can be close to People and their problems.


Face to face with People helping them to solve their legal challenges.


Support in processes of family succession, property division, personal and matrimonial relationships, as well as civil issues related to property, contracts with third parties and all legal issues involving individuals and their interests.


Legal advice in the sense of clarification of legal doubts and interpretation of complex situations that involve knowledge and experience of the issues.


Advice on the construction of legal solutions that enable personal and family assets to be safeguarded and protected.

‘What I highlight at Cavaleiro and Associates was the ability to innovate and create frequent communication with clients/partners, in order to provide relevant legal information in the dynamic and uncertain context.


The empathy created with Clients is a strong point of its performance.’

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