Legal Link assumes partnership with CREU


Legal Link | Cavaleiro & Associados entered into a partnership with CREU – Centro Universitário Religioso and CUPAV – Centro Universitário Padre António Vieira, in support of the History of the Future project, as well as in support of the legal needs that may arise within the scope of these Centers.

The History of the Future project was born in April 2009, at the initiative of CUPAV. Its creation was based on the long experience of relationship, monitoring and training of young university students and recent graduates developed at the Center itself and the finding of the increasing difficulty of professional integration of these young graduates.

Father António Vieira’s vision and work inspired both the name and the dynamics of this project, which hopes to help build “big and rare things” in our time: trust and solidarity.

Its main mission is to focus on the person and not on the role, promoting self-knowledge, opening horizons, working on goals and creating mechanisms that boost your human and professional potential.

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